Adidas ACE 17+ PureControl FG Static Appreciation

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Today's football shoe market has become very subdivided. Everyone chooses a football shoe to value its own flagship attributes and selling points. In this age when Tiki-Taka was regarded as a faith, the transfer of control meant absolute control over the field, and there were many believers in the pleasing spread of control. The Adidas ACE series is the main shoe for Adidas after the reform. Its spokespersons are also a lot of midfielders, so it is also a lot of powder.

Although its official name is 2017 Adidas ACE 17 PureControl FG Football Boots Silver, but a lot of grass roots directly call it super top ACE, forcing a bit higher. This color is adidas's latest series of flame storm, is also the most recognizable shoes in this suit. Adidas's designers have done their best to minimize subtraction on the ACE 17+ PureControl shoes, with virtually no superfluous design. The outermost layer of the top layer made of Primeknit fabric covers the hot melt film that enhances the strength of the fabric, and there are also NSG (Non Stop Grip) 3D bumps that enhance the friction coefficient of the upper. Although not the first pair of shoelaces without laces, only Adidas carries forward the idea of ​​no shoelaces. This integrated upper structure greatly narrows the distance between the player's foot and the spherical surface, and the flat upper surface can also more accurately feedback the feeling of the foot. The black three bars on the outside of the shoe body are linked with each other through a grid to form a structure that supports the strength of the fabric upper. This angle is also very obvious to see two parts of the front and rear of the shoe body is actually two different colors, the front is yellow mango, in the middle of the gradient to dark orange. Gradient areas show a splash of ink effect, and the visual effect is very good. In the middle of the heel, you can also see the design of the pull ring, and the PureControl character is again confirmed. The lightweight SprintFrame outsole has always been the standard for Adidas' super top sneakers in recent years. I don't know if everyone has noticed it. The edge of this big bottom has amazing sparkle effect. The radical transparent open window midsole is just to tell people that it is equipped with the best Boost shock-absorbing material currently used by Adidas. The studs 2017 Adidas ACE 17 PureControl FG Football Boots Orange Black were chosen for their traditional conical construction. These studs have a good performance in terms of flexibility and mobility. The middle and back of the outsole can clearly see the enhanced spine design of the three uplifts, which ensures the torsion resistance of the outsole in the intense movement. Although the midsole has been joined with the full-boost Boost material, but in order to further improve its comfort and shock absorption capacity, Adidas is also equipped with a pair of full Boost insoles, insoles on the surface of the villi layer also has a good anti-slip effect. Only for a long time slip resistance will decrease. In addition, in addition to Boost insoles, Adidas also comes with a light-weight perforated insole for shoes, which can be used according to their own needs.

As an adidas flagship soccer shoe, the ACE 17+ PureControl fully meets the requirements of top enthusiasts and equipment parties, with excellent ball control performance, high-end configuration, and even a very high face value. From the sturdy no-lace design to the hot Boost midsole, the ACE series has always followed the trend of the times. Therefore, its ability to innovate is undoubtedly one of the best shoes on the market. It is because of the shoe type design that some high backs and wide feet cannot be tried. If you have the right foot style, you want a pair of excellently packaged, easy-to-handle, and excellent shock-absorbing boots. It is definitely the best choice.