Adidas "Tsunami" Ace17 + Purecontrol football shoes

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"Tsunami" set the most sea of ​​what is the style of shoes? Of course it's Ace17 + Purecontrol! Now let us follow the photographer's lens, together to see how the intersection of deep sea and shallow color is done on the shoes!

A symbol of the deep blue ink blue and symbolize the shallow blue light, respectively, occupy the front and rear shoes, the middle is a faint gradient effect. From the point of view, the "tsunami" Purecontrol looks very elegant, there is no natural disaster ferocious cruelty, and wearing his players, are also on the pitch technology flow, such as the earliest exposure in the pitch Ziel

Since the release of Ace Purecontrol shoes so far, the concept of no shoelaces has been accepted by the players, with its players more and more. So, now Purecontrol's fiery degree has been worse than before, unless it is bright spots of color, today, "tsunami" color is very such a potential. The new season is about to begin, Adidas Ace series endorsement players Ozil, Rakitic, Delhi Ali will be replaced with a new color Ace17 + Purecontrol, with the color of the Ace17.1 and leather version will also appear frequently in the broadcast shot The

New bright "tsunami" color Purecontrol, hot BOOST technology in the end, so the shoes worth having!