Adidas released Nemeziz 17.1 black and white color

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Although there is no shoelace Adidas is pushing the flagship shoes, but can not ignore the shoelaces or a must pay attention to things. Nemeziz 17.1 top models and super-top Nemeziz 17 + 360 Agility the same big bottom, but the upper is relatively traditional lace design. According to past experience, Messi I will also continue to choose the lace of Adidas Nemeziz 17.1.


As Adidas focus on the main energy and spotlights are super-top Nemeziz 17 + 360 Agility, so although your top, Nemeziz also appears a bit underexposed. However, we can not deny Nemeziz 17.1 occupied by the market share, because not everyone likes no lace design, Messi is a clear example.


Based on the same design concept as the super-top Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility, 17.1 continues this excellent lineage, is known for its agility, and shares the same technology with its ultra-top lace. The main difference between the two is the transformation of the iconic AgilityBandage strap design and wearing a lace design.


Nemeziz as Adidas football shoes of the new chapter has been officially meet with you, and will be combined with ACE and X Adidas football shoes three giants. Nemeziz 17.1 design of the key is still from the bandage wrapped around the ankle of the inspiration, its ankle parcel and support increased the stability and agility of the players to help in the moment can make a sensitive and sensitive turn to change.


TorsionFrame Outsole with ultra-light structure, TorsionRibs provide dynamic support. The new AgilityKnit 2.0 fabric vamps provide a soft touch and a light dress experience. In short, adidas Nemeziz 17.1 is equivalent to the simplified version of the 17+ series. Spanish King's Cup final, Messi will wear Nemeziz 17.1 play, for Barcelona this season is not successful, the King's Cup has become their purpose must be the honor, wish Messi and Barcelona good luck!