Cheap Adidas Messi16 + Pureagility Soccer Boots

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For Messi is the definition of the greatest player on the planet today, it is estimated that not many people will question. Adidas also produced a pair with their superstar to match the football shoes, let us take a look at these pairs of Pureagility called soccer shoes have any fresh technology!


Bayern defender Boateng said: "Messi has created an impossible hobby, his breakthrough unparalleled and his dexterity can only be used to describe the magic.When his teammates do not force, Messi is always single-handedly challenge the team , To the other guard left a shadow of life.


The new Adidas Messi16 + Pureagility comes from endless innovation, in close cooperation with Messi on the basis of the final completion. Every element of the shoe is designed in terms of Messi's style of play and his agile action to conquer the stadium.

New shoes shoes Adidas Messi 16 + PureAgility biggest feature is of course the shoelaces are missing, was hidden in the upper, although invisible but does not mean that shoelaces do not exist, which comes from Adidas latest Purecut internal shoelace system The Agility and safety of the foot lock is Messi's highest requirements, this Adidas made a new improvement, will be in the America's Cup to give Messi's greatest support.


Adidas Messi 16+ PureAgility uppers are made of Adidas's latest material, while the rest is made of Agilityknit material that you have never seen before. This material is extraordinary, tactile tough, support full, but can effectively keep the shoes lightweight. At the same time, Adidas also on the upper material running time is effectively reduced, so a pair of new shoes, you can end to create a miracle.


New shoes Adidas Messi 16+ PureAgility uses a very familiar and favorite Sprintframe 2.0 outsole because of excellent stability and grip. In order to more enhance the foot of the shoe lock, Adidas also designed a new heel structure and shoelace system to match, in order to create the most perfect wearing feelings. Shoes lock and stability of the performance of the perfect, the court you can be more confident to make action for your team to bring different.