Customsized Edition ACE 17 + PureControl Soccer Cleats

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Adidas second generation without shoelace soccer shoes ACE 17+ PureControl has a black, white, red classic appearance, which is undoubtedly in the history of Adidas to the most classic football shoes fountain tribute.


Adidas Ace in the end of 2015 launched the first non-shoelace football shoes: ACE 16 + PureControl, by the end of 2016, Adidas officially brewing the second generation of non-shovel football shoes release.


From the exposure of the starting color point of view, ACE 17 + PureControl re-use of the Primeknit falcon football shoes iconic red and black color. The front of the shoes is black, the second half is red, the outer three bars are silver.



The new Adidas ACE 17+ PureControl and the previous generation have similar characteristics, all using a lace-free design. This is the advantage of the shoes can bring a more clean and smooth shot surface, the biggest improvement is in addition to the shoes outsole to add the Boost cushioning material. Boost is Adidas running shoes in the hot one of the latest shock absorption material, is now being used to football shoes. In addition, ACE 17 + PureControl spike layout and the previous generation is almost no difference.


With the classic black and red color of the ACE 17 + PureControl football shoes will be officially launched in late November, the price and the previous generation was flat for 300 dollars. At that time the shoes will appear in Manchester United midfielder Bogba, Tottenham players Ali and Arsenal midfielder Ozil and others at the foot of the foot.