Evaluation Nike Hypervenom Phantom III

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For Hypervenom, 2016 is really embarrassing, Nei Maer's departure to the poison in the spokesman for the commercial value of this loss is significant, the most critical or second generation of the upper in the touch on the unhappy caused a lot of people Tucao. Although Nike in time for a honeycomb NIKESKIN, but Nike Hypervenom Phantom series is difficult to reproduce the glory of the first generation. By 2017, with Nike's new strategy to guide and the release of the poisonous front III, poisonous front seems to usher in the bottom of the opportunity to bottom out, then how does it show? Or with the actual performance to speak it!


Really early years ago has been concerned about the news of a new generation of poisonous front, although the forum has been po out of a pair of AG, but the heart is still not willing ah, because Nike Hypervenom Phantom III FG outsole is a new design, I am eager to have a great attraction, and finally have to get what they want, in exchange for the FG version.


In recent years, brand appearance in the shape of the shoes and color design are "let go", the high has become the brand name of the flagship shoes brand, as the color is more unrestrained. Nike Hypervenom Phantom III's first color is the use of mandarin ducks hit color, and the combination of two colors in many of our people seem to be a bit people can not accept, the original orange red power distribution green, which is entirely agricultural heavy metal rock Village knife children.


I probably looked at it from the forum, seemingly completely accepted and appreciate the color of the people seem really no, a few people feel okay, barely able to accept, most people are Tucao color matching, I am reluctant to accept That kind of. But to say one (not forced for this color wash white) to wear the shoes to run up, or a little pull the wind, the recognition is extremely high, for those stadium "poet" is not the color of the middle of it? Basically adhering to the characteristics of Nike knitted shoes it, put it still very strenuous, bold and hard to pull high to help the collar, as far as possible horizontal pull, do not pull hard to mention, it is not into the plug will be slow to wear again.


First talk about Nike Hypervenom Phantom III positioning and I began to psychological expectations it The Nike Nike Hypervenom Phantom III positioning is the green terminator, from the spokesperson lineup is basically the front line attackers. In Nike's current soccer shoe series, Nike Hypervenom Phantom III positioning and assassins a little bit overlap, so the beginning of my heart on the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III differentiation is quite impressive, because the high degree of assimilation has been very high , Positioning style and then similar to the words we simply buy assassin good, Pingsha for the poison front pay it? Coupled with the poisonous front of the II can not help but make me a new generation will have higher expectations, if the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III can not give the force, then before the occupation of the mature market is really hanging.


There are stripes on the collar of the place where you can clearly feel thicker, with the kind of one after the protection will be more than one or two into the two. In the conclusion of the current principles, put on the shoes after I immediately on the inside of the foot of the functional area of ​​the focus of attention.