Features of Adidas X 16.1 Football Boots

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Before the friend in Spain (also the forum loyalty powder) made micro letter with my Tucao X 16 + PureChaos durability, a ball down, the place where the shoes cover a big hole! Was really scared to the scars, and finally in his communication with Adidas, the European side of his readily refreshed him, and also sent his shopping volume and the like, for Adidas to point a praise! So this time to try to choose the top of the low-top X 6.1. In fact, I often see my evaluation of people understand that my feet are not very wide, but do not know why X 16 + PureChaos too hard to wear the foot, and the scalability of the shoe cover is limited, so can only be second best Compared to the price of Adidas X 16.1 is also more real point.


Top models and super-top configuration compared to the shrinking of a lot of shoelaces on the system less a shoe cover, and this is just able to put my OUPOWER shoelaces completely exposed! With orange shoes to bring light with the color of the Adidas X 16.1 overall effect of how?



The outer side of the Adidas X shoes can see the tilt of the Adidas Logo, this design is 2016 Adidas full range of soccer shoes, one of the iconic design, replacing the iconic three bars before, with a high brand recognition. X 16.1 is also used in the super-top of the Techfit compression material, but unfortunately the upper there is no NSG particles covered, the upper also has a horizontal groove, but the upper level in the softness than X 16 + hard, The touch is lost. But you have to say that this material is very hard, but also did not, similar to the drawing texture of the upper tentacles feel quite practical, but the lack of flexibility, so the ductility is not as hot as now knitted material.


Adidas X 16.1 outsole enough lethality, spikes are improved after the opening of the nail, grasp the start, short distance sprint can obviously feel the foot and the end of the strict fit, that will not fall off the chain. The hardness of the central part of the greater than expected, quite solid, high hardness, horizontal movement and rapid emergency stop can feel the end of the strong support. The most satisfying thing about this pair of shoes is the superb comfort experience brought by the Techfit shoes collar, which basically offset the negative emotions caused by the uppercase.