Best Nike football boots Magista Obra II TF

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Often concerned about the Nike football shoes ououer who may be quite familiar with the ghosts, and whenever the forum was asked to send control players what time to choose shoes, many people will devaluation Magista ghosts. But also from the top to the entry level, its brand line is also pulled long enough to meet the needs of different groups of people, and as the successor of the CTR 360, its reputation is indeed good, be regarded as the current mainstream shoes on the market. Nike Magista second generation release also for a while, and today we come to the details of the super-top, top and midrange three shoes, so that we are aware of.


Nike Magista Obra II TF in the most eye-catching design is the body of the shoe there are many used to enhance the effect of the upper ball bulge, which can not help but make a lot of intensive fear difficult to adapt.



Super-top and top are Nike Magista Obra II TF's first color, bright yellow and hot sensitive map of the cool appearance makes their recognition on the pitch is very high In the end of TF is the recent main elite color, relatively simple and clean some. Super-top still continue to high to help shape, three pairs of shoes inside the heel can see the bottom of the Nike Swoosh Logo, arch area is a clear heat sensitive design.


The outside and inside and showing a different effect, three pairs of shoes outside the Swoosh Logo to be larger, basically accounted for half of the upper, the same in the external dorsal region can also see the heat sensitive map design.


Super Nike Magista Obra II TF still use the Flykint knitted fabric, but on the basis of the original Nike will be a single fabric to play a new pattern: own bumps! The upper of those pimple points are Flykint material upgrade and evolution, of course, these bulge also according to the upper touch the ball area has a different height. The upper part of the upper part of the heat sensitive figure in the upper part of the upper layer is the highest, and the other areas are less flat. It is learned that the heat sensitive map on the uppers is based on a wide range of large data from Nike designers.