New Released Adidas Messi16 + PureAgility Football Boots

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Things to now, Messi has been the undisputed goal of the king, and Adidas has just for Messi offer a pair of new personal football shoes, to match his supernatural football talent.

He did not do things - his acceleration made us scared of Heaven, and his clever is even more never seen. He has also faced the most powerful defender of today's football, but in the end it always hurt the other side. The new Adidas Messi16 + PureAgility is based on a series of ambitious innovative technology designed to participate in the design is not someone else, Is Massey deity. This pair of soccer shoes each element is perfect with Messi's football style, and will help him show a strong football talent. This pair of soccer shoes is the most worth mentioning is naturally hidden shoelaces. Yes, the lace is still, but now it has become part of the Adidas PureCut Sock system. Built-in lace to ensure a perfect fit, which for the beautiful movement of Messi is essential.


At the same time the system also improved the aerodynamics of the shoes, you can play at the foot of Messi greater speed. Shoes body is Adidas new uppers, in order to meet the theme of the whole pair of shoes, it is called Agilityknit. This material can be said to be a bit anti-traditional, because it not only allows you to feel a strong support, and its weight is also compressed to a minimum. In addition, this pair of shoes do not need too much adaptation period, so from the moment to wear shoes, it will be like your body extension of the general arbitrary. The bottom of the shoe is a redesigned Sprint Frame, we have very much love it in the field of stability and grasping. In order to enhance the lock of football shoes, Adidas Messi16 + PureAgility also used a new structure, with the new shoelace system, bring a better fit. As you can see, the dress of this pair of shoes will be very comfortable, while providing the most surprising speed and ball control, it also has the same comfort and protection. After all, if wearing comfort can not be guaranteed, by what can you feel at ease on the pitch scold surprised the situation?