New evoSPEED 17 series soccer shoes

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December 16, PUMA launched a new evoSPEED 17 series of soccer shoes, the new PUMA evoSPEED 17.SL-S with bold gecko green and fluorescent yellow combination debut. The new boots will be by Gloucester, Royals and other players wearing.

The new Puma evoSPEED 17 series soccer shoes adhering to the PUMA speed family gene, the design is still followed the previous speed and smart ideas. The upper material upgrade to become Nissan super fiber, making the new PUMA evoSPEED 17.SL-S wear more soft and comfortable, feel better touch the ball. The upper laser cut the SpeedFrame structure to optimize the shoes of the shoe type, and can effectively support the players quickly break and turn around. In order to achieve the best wearing experience and additional support role, shoes in the heel with a simple but effective external package cup. More shoes support from the outsole, SpeedTrack spine can effectively balance the stability of the middle of the foot and forefoot flexibility, the speed and dexterity to maximize. Ultra-thin nylon material on the outsole spike is a combination of knife nails and conical spikes to provide stability and grip for the players.

Talking about the new boots, played in the Atletico Madrid team Gleeszman said: "wearing a new evoSPEED 17.SL-S set foot on the stadium makes me feel very excited, bold color I think will be sought after by young players now we Of the league is about to enter the second half, followed by a lot of tough fight to fight, the Champions League is also about to enter the knockout, I will wear a new boots in the training of the performance of more active in the game to make the best performance for the team to win. "