Nike Tiempo Legend VI Soccer Shoes Depth Analysis

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Nike soccer shoes in the history of "legend" is a stubborn series, it has a special stubborn, in the past 20 years, Nike Tiempo has been synonymous with the top leather shoes. The new Tiempo Legend 6 adheres to this tradition, while creating the best touch with innovative craftsmanship.

In the past, our cognition, leather shoes have been stitching the way to carry the upper leather fixed, in the Nike Tiempo Legend VI, this iconic move was built-in grid skeleton changes. The surface of the shoes become more integrated, built-in grid skeleton is still in the upper to create a bulging effect of the uplift. Outside the shoes can see the iconic Nike Swoosh, on the whole, the appearance of the level or between the very strong unity.

Top Nike Tiempo Legend VI in the upper material on the continuation of the fine tradition of the former, high-quality fine kangaroo skin can always capture a large number of leather control their hearts. Built-in grid skeleton greatly avoid the existence of the upper lane in the sense of existence, only two pairs of V-shaped car line. This ensures that the upper soft and seamless structure, after abandoning the suture-type upper, the same soil and water along the suture into the upper part of the possibility of penetration, thus avoiding the possible hardening of the leather.



The top level Legacy II uses a soft calfskin that does not lose the touch and delicateness of the kangaroo, and can also see the built-in mesh skeleton material in the upper. The legendary 6 in the TF at the highest level of Mysitc, Nike Tiempo Legend VI as the top TF, Mysitc also use a soft calfskin upper, built-in mesh skeleton is not reduced.