Released Speed Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG

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The new generation of Nike Mercurial Superfly released last week, in addition to appearance, technology, we can understand what? Today, take a look at Nike design big to say how to say?


"The new Mercurial made significant progress will be left in the history of the assassin of the assassin." The new generation of Mercurial is lighter and more tough, with the support of the technology to keep his feet under any conditions. "- Jeongwoo Lee, Nike football design.


If you let us use a word to form an assassin, it must be built for speed. Two years ago, Nike will Mercurial speed experience to a new height, and last week released the new Mercurial Superfly V, will fully release the player's speed potential. This time, Nike under the overall concept, the design of each football shoe parts are directed at a goal: speed!


"The new Nike Mercurial Superfly design concept is to challenge the various assumptions about the speed, combining science with design to create the fastest footwear in football," Jeongwoo Lee said. "This pair of shoes design is holistic, is a complete and true speed system, the use of all materials to form a chain effect to ensure effective play shoes.


Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG design new ergonomic background has become the design team to achieve the key elements of the goal. The new outsole in full compliance with the contours of the natural foot, this structure eliminates the existence of the foot before the problem, so that the feet can work with the shoes rather than conflict with each other. "The physiotherapists who work with us believe that this design can effectively reduce the unnecessary pressure on the soles of the feet and reduce the unnecessary slippage of the feet in the shoes so as to maximize the energy in the high-speed movement." In addition to the human body Engineering foot graphics, the new single-layer structure at the end of the larger than the previous carbon fiber weight loss of 40%.

There is also an important way to improve the speed seems to be some deviant, that is the brakes! "If you are not sure whether you can quickly stop, then he will slow down to prepare in advance, just as everyone usually drive the same."


The new Mercurial Superfly's brake system design has undergone different tests, and the design team has even used virtual finite element analysis to provide exactly what kind of spike shape and distribution is best suited for speed-based player's scientific data. These data will eventually be on the pitch so that Nike top players to verify. "Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG spikes are the same shape, but the distribution of different orientation, followed by the direction of the brake, and the forefoot is to start in the previous spider did not appear in the forefoot area we also distributed shoes Nail, which makes the players feel clearly different.

Of course, Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG uppers is also an important part of the design concept. This time the Flyknit vamp design takes into account the interaction of the shoe upper at high speed with the ball. Also based on scientific data, Nike manufactures 3D patterns called Flyknit "Speed ​​Rib", the resulting friction from the shoes.