Upper Detail Of Nike Magista Onda TF

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On the eve of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Nike launched a new "create" type boots Magista Ghosts, and from high to low will be divided into Obra (top level), Opus (top), Orden (top), Onda (intermediate ) And Ola (entry level). In view of the popularity of domestic professional football equipment and the general situation of the venue, equipped with TF broken nail at the end of the intermediate section of the most popular domestic market, and manufacturers also follow the market, constantly in the TF shoes on the effort, so we see this front Not the same as the middle of the shoes - Marisa Onda TF. The following in-depth study.


Put aside the color does not say, Xiao Bian that Nike Magista Onda TF side has been out of the history stage of the CTR360 like, do not know if you have this feeling? In addition, after all, this is the intermediate section, in order to adapt to more people, shoes inside the medial adduction will not be too obvious.


Nike Magista Onda TF with the vest of the same GF-13 shoe last, this shoe last to use the words to describe the width is moderate, both a certain width of the case of the pursuit of more wrapped degrees. As a replacement for the CTR360, the Ghost continues its design in the lace of the lace, giving up more dribbling space for the outer instep.


Nike Magista Onda TF uppers using ordinary artificial fiber, softness and flexibility worthy of the price, 2.1 mm thick surprise. Stereo embossed lines almost cover the entire upper, with a certain degree of friction, for the control of the shoes, this design has a great role in supporting.


Details determine the success or failure, slightly on the package at the end of the design of a circle to strengthen the alignment, a good inhibition of the risk of opening plastic, and this design is also more and more by the major brands used.